Urban Design & Masterplanning

We are willing to challenge assumptions and the way you think, but we will not waste your time on solutions that won't work.

Urbanlogic don't just hear the client; we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your needs and to know when to ask the right questions.

In Detail

We investigate every project collaboratively with other peers, clients, stakeholders and the end users, to continously refine the outcome.

Urban design isn’t just about creating compelling and liveable places for today. It’s about “Designing for Tomorrow” - safeguarding and improving the quality of people’s lives for future generations.

Delivering a sustainable model requires a detailed understanding of how successful towns and cities work and the relationships between buildings and open space.

Urbanlogic’s experience brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to any urban design project with a firm understanding of integration into existing movement networks, the landscape and the surrounding urban fabric.

Experienced and proven ability in:

  • City planning
  • Urban Expansion and Residential
  • Mixed Use and Retail developments
  • Zero Carbon Development and Eco-town Masterplanning
  • Highways and Infrastructure
  • Vision documents
  • Architectural Guidelines
  • Public realm guidelines
  • Urban design guidelines and principles
  • Urban design frameworks and strategies
  • Public Consultation
  • Urban Design Statements
  • Urban Design Reports
  • Urban Design Review

Related Projects

  • Ahuareka Masterplan, Manukau. NZ

    Ahuareka Masterplan, Manukau. NZ

    The development of a small (200 house) peri-urban development in a traditional village form, is challenging conventional approaches to rural land development. The 90ha rural lot is being developed both with housing, a commercial mainstreet, market square, and also economically viable land uses. »

  • Albany Lakes Civic Park and Albany Bridge. NZ

    Albany Lakes Civic Park and Albany Bridge. NZ

    Design included two contemporary urban public plazas, innovative treatment of stormwater ponds and retaining edges and a feature pedestrian bridge, which spans 60m between the upper and lower storm water ponds, »

  • Alpers and Edgerley Avenue

    Alpers and Edgerley Avenue

    Urbanlogic was commissioned to deliver a unique vision / landscape strategy for a large residential development in Auckland »

  • Ferry Road Waterfront - Taupo

    Ferry Road Waterfront - Taupo

    Urbanlogic were appointed by Taupo District Council to develop the masterplan for the Taupo's waterfront edge and to create an new vibrant flexible space, the masterplan showed that the design not only showcases how flexible spaces can be adapted, but is a highly sculptural landscape as a focus and unifying many different art elements. »

  • Gillett Square, Hackney, London

    Gillett Square, Hackney, London

    Gilett Square was the first of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s 100 new spaces for London. It was a key component of the regeneration of Hackney and the wider Olympic masterplan »

  • Imagine Studios

    Imagine Studios

    Urbanlogic have been commissioned to create a unique vision for a unused piece of land in Auckland by creating an urban park which will contain a 18 hole mini golf course, interactive sculpture play, New Zealand's largest splash pad and designing a low impact car park. »

  • Kingsland Arterial Road. Auckland. NZ

    Kingsland Arterial Road. Auckland. NZ

    The shared space concept for Kingsland arterial road is a vision of how the public realm could look when the new Auckland City hosts the 2011 Rugby World Cup. »

  • Ngarara Farm, Waikanae North, NZ

    Ngarara Farm, Waikanae North, NZ

    The development of Ngarara Farm Masterplan is a cutting edge example of low impact development, with over half of the site devoted to wetlands, forests, productive uses and re-vegetation. »

  • Queens Wharf, Auckland, NZ

    Queens Wharf, Auckland, NZ

    The question “What will the Queens Wharf look like in the future?” is the question that has captured the imagination of many Aucklanders and interested urban design spectators around the world. »

  • Tauhara Ridge, Masterplan, Taupo, NZ

    Tauhara Ridge, Masterplan, Taupo, NZ

    New community village, based around sustainable development principles. Covering 180ha the design achieves an integrated mixed use residential area that provides a range of housing and lifecycle options. This development is one of the major catalysts in a wider economic regeneration and re-development programme initiated by Taupo District Council. »

  • Tauhara Ridge, Victoria, Taupo.

    Tauhara Ridge, Victoria, Taupo.

    Victoria Development, Tauhara Ridge, with the main focuses on creating more livable communities that are safe, people orientated, beautiful and public realm focused and promoting high quality guidelines and standards for future residential subdivision development in Taupo. »

  • The Regents Canal and the Kingsland Basin. UK

    The Regents Canal and the Kingsland Basin. UK

    As part of the London Plan’s ‘Blue Ribbon Network’ which identifies open water spaces as a principle component of London’s public realm. The objectives of the landscape strategy was to improve both the amenity value of the site and the quality of the public realm »

  • Waterview  Connection - Auckland

    Waterview Connection - Auckland

    The Waterview Connection project will also integrate road bridges, cycleways and pedestrian bridges within a suite of urban design, landscaping and environmental enhancements. Urbanlogic assisted on the urban design and landscape team with Boffa Miskell and the Well-Connected Alliance. »

  • Western Link Road, Kapati Coast, NZ

    Western Link Road, Kapati Coast, NZ

    The Western Link Road (WLR) project is 7km designation as a major new internal movement corridor that will alleviate pressure on the State Highway and encourage users to take alternative forms of transport. »

Who we are

Urbanlogic is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design consultancy dedicated to New Thinking, New Possibilities.

"We take a fresh new perspective on how to bring urban environments to life. Delivering beyond the obvious and the conventional to create places unique and special to New Zealand".

Our Service

Our unique creative vision, track record and over 16 years experience in urban design, public realm, shared space / streetscapes, detail design, regeneration, visual impact assessment and using new innovation / technology.

This breadth of expertise has enabled Urbanlogic to become one of the most creative and exciting new breeds of design consultants in New Zealand.


For Urbanlogic success means more than reputation. Success is marked by our belief that excellence can only come from a strong and consolidated strategy, expert skill, vision, creativity and informed collaboration.

Our international multi-disciplinary ‘think tank’ approach provides a platform from which creative ideas can become tangible outcomes.

Designing For Tomorrow

Designing For Tomorrow is Urbanlogic's window devoted to the future of emerging designs, solutions and sustainable trends in the built environment.

In part by actively tracking the innovations in technology, designs and theories and opening up a conversation about "what next?" and "how do we make it happen?"