Verified Visual Impact Assessment

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In Detail

Urbanlogic are New Zealand’s leading Verified Landscape Visual Impact Assessment consultants. We have a proven track record in providing accurate and verifiable simulated views.

We have provided images for planning applications, visual impact assessments, and provided provable images in hearings. An important element in a planning or resource consent application is an accurate simulated view, what will it really look like from here?

Unless these simulated views follow a strict and provable methodology then they are little more than an artist’s impression and can be challenged.

Using a thorough and rigorous methodology we guarantee the computer generated images of your development will be accurately montaged into the photograph.

Urbanlogic methods employed in order to ensure that the images produced are of the required standard and that everything within the process is accurate and that this accuracy can be verified.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, to give it's full title, often forms part of the wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which is a statutory part of the planning process.

Although this not an essential requirement for each and every planning application, the Local Authority Planning Department may request that a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) is submitted in some cases.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, to give it's full title, often forms part of the wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which is a statutory part of the planning process.

This work may also be referred to as Accurate Visual Representation (AVR). Regardless of the term used to describe it, the process itself is very much the same & must be carried out in accordance with the correct guidelines.

Experienced and proven ability in:

  • Verified View Photomontages
  • 100% Accurate
  • Expert Witness

  • Our team have considerable experience in this area we are happy to provide Verified View Photomontage (CGI matched into a photograph) to any clients who find they need it.

    Professional photography and survey information are used to ensure accuracy in the set up of the 3d environment to exactly match the real world.

    Final images are supplied with a method statement to support the process employed and provide the necessary verification.

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