Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall

Delivered 2012

“Our report and international research enabled the project to secure the initial upgrade funds.”

Urbanlogic in collaboration with SGA were engaged by Auckland Council CDAC (Community Arts & Culture) to provide a redevelopment report into the Pioneer Women’s Building & Ellen Melville Hall situated on the northern edge of Freyberg Place.

As the Urban designers we did a full review of the facility in its current condition and provide a report with options on innovative and cost effective ways to redevelop the facility as a fully utilised community space/s, while maintaining the buildings heritage integrity and connections with Freyburg Square.

Urbanlogic looked at creative ways to upgrade the entire facility, including the commercial spaces, to becoming a fully integrated community space/s, including indicative costing and timeframes required to undertake upgrade;

Designs include layout options, flexible spaces, enhanced accessibility, possible urban design impacts and consider the heritage aspects of the building We also researched the possibility of an anchor activity at the ground level that linked with the new Freyburg Square and surrounding street upgrades.

Our urban design input to the report covered:

· Context

· Pedestrian connectivity

· Vehicular connectivity

· Surrounding spaces

· Surrounding buildings

· Character areas

· Adjoining and overlapping projects

Our proposal as part of the report suggests the need for an ‘anchor activity’ that will extend this relationship to greater users and increasing the active engagement with Freyberg Place. Establishing both public spaces as a unique response to the specific community of the City Centre.

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