Our Process

Our values and processes are more than words. It is measurable in what we do and how we do it.
They provide the foundation and framework to ensure a world class level of work and enduring solutions

Urban Logic Process
How it all comes together

Design is an iterative process. To move forward it must go through a series of controlled stages. The process is organised through briefings at the beginning of each stage and audits for compliance at the end.

Urbanlogic follows a four-stage procedure as shown. The depth of study and output can naturally be tailored to suit the Client's timescale, aspiration and financial commitment. Our proposed process can be divided into 4 core stages:


a) Confirm project brief, scope of services and budget.
b) Site survey and analysis.
c) Define opportunities and constraints.
d) Review of background information and existing site data.
e) Co-ordination of other consultants (if required).
f) Development of project program, milestones and deadlines.

Stage 1 will help inform the design and ensure a sound basis for concept development.
This stage will also include an appraisal of all planning initiatives, both at a local, regional and national level.


a) Define scheme options and concept plans.
b) Establish draft urban design, landscape or framework strategy.
c) Establish public transport strategy.
d) Cross sections and elevations.
e) Design-montages.
f) Design sketches or graphic presentations.
g) Agree preferred option.

The analytical feedback from the second stage will be fed into the developed design process to begin to build up a clear set of design concepts and strategies for interim discussions and feedback with the client body and key representatives.


The preferred design proposal will be re-examined in light of public consultation feedback with the client body and fine tuned as necessary. Once sign-off has been agreed Urbanlogic will quickly move forward on the preparation of a developed scheme and lodgement of Resource Consent (if required) including preparation of all documentation, required to ensure that consent is granted


a) Developed concept design.
b) Define development strategy.
c) Overall treatment including landmark buildings, access and connections.
d) Integrated public transport; highway, traffic and parking; public foot/cycleway links and connections.
e) Building mass, density, use and mix including leisure, retail, education, residential, office and tourist uses,
            heritage, architectural character, public realm, art and landscape.
f) Development phasing and implementation.
g) Nodes, markers and townscape issues.
h) Resource efficiency and sustainability.
i) Design Guidelines documentation
j) Maintenance and Management Codes

These will reflect and respond to the planning, property, transport initiatives public realm, economic and social development objectives together with the cultural, leisure and retail study conclusions.


Co-ordination with other consultants (if required) for the production of comprehensive detailed design and construction drawings complying with all relevant NZ standards.

a) General arrangement plans - overall masterplan.
b) Topographical plans.
c) Setting out plans contours and levels.
d) Existing services plan.
e) Levels plans.
f) Paving and detail design plans.
g) Take down plans.
h) Materials plans.
i) Landscape planting plans.
j) Lighting, services plan and drainage plans.
k) Construction details.
l) Physical works phasing plans.


Co-ordination with other consultants (if required) for the production of contract documentation complying with all relevant NZ standards.

a) Conditions of tender.
b) Conditions of contract.
c) Technical specifications.
d) Schedule of quantities.
e) Method of measurement and basis of payment.
f) Detailed drawing package.
g) Resource consent conditions.
h) Building consent conditions.
i) Engineers estimate.
j) Tender recommendation report

04 InspireInspire the world


Urbanlogic have all the requisite skills and experience to steer any project through the design and construction phases, we undertake the role of construction and project manger ensuring a positive outcome and the delivery of all our clients key objectives.

a) Initial pre-start meeting.
b) Weekly site inspections to ensure that all design requirements are being met and public access and safety
            are properly maintained, in line with the contract documents.
c) Weekly status and update report.
d) Variation approvals.
e) Monthly status reports.
f) Progress payment certificates.
i) Defects liability certificate.

Who we are

Urbanlogic is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design consultancy dedicated to New Thinking, New Possibilities.

"We take a fresh new perspective on how to bring urban environments to life. Delivering beyond the obvious and the conventional to create places unique and special to New Zealand".

Our Service

Our unique creative vision, track record and over 16 years experience in urban design, public realm, shared space / streetscapes, detail design, regeneration, visual impact assessment and using new innovation / technology.

This breadth of expertise has enabled Urbanlogic to become one of the most creative and exciting new breeds of design consultants in New Zealand.


For Urbanlogic success means more than reputation. Success is marked by our belief that excellence can only come from a strong and consolidated strategy, expert skill, vision, creativity and informed collaboration.

Our international multi-disciplinary ‘think tank’ approach provides a platform from which creative ideas can become tangible outcomes.

Designing For Tomorrow

Designing For Tomorrow is Urbanlogic's window devoted to the future of emerging designs, solutions and sustainable trends in the built environment.

In part by actively tracking the innovations in technology, designs and theories and opening up a conversation about "what next?" and "how do we make it happen?"